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X-SNOW: Eastern snow Observatory (ESO)

We know climate change is affecting temperatures around the world and our environment is polluted with plastic. Scientists can study snow from space with satellites or using models but data collected on the ground is still fundamental to study what is happening and plan how to fix things. You can help in this regard by supporting our project with your donation. Your support will be used to analyze samples from people like you, buy kits for schools and students and to collect data that will ultimately is going to help us to save our snow!

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Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is launching a citizen science investigation of snow. Lamont scientist Marco Tedesco is leading a project to scout out locations best suited from monitoring snow and to collect as much data as possible. He needs your help! Residents throughout the state of New York and across the country can contribute to cutting-edge scientific investigation by documenting snow in their local areas. By combining observations from scientists and the public, a collective knowledge of what is happening can lead to better ways of understanding what is happening, adapting to change and predicting the impact of climate change on the snow in our region. Specifically, we want to know how much plastic there is in our snow and how thick and where the snowpack is. This will help us understanding how snow, a crucial element of our climate and environmental systems, is changing and evolving.

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1) Collect data and send it to us through the tools and methods that scientists are showing on the website 2) Donate to cover the cost for collecting as much scientific data as possible for the Columbia team. Donations will also support the critically important analysis of all of the snow data collects.

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