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Advancing Antarctic Ice Research with ALAMO Buoys

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Advancing Antarctic Ice Research with ALAMO Buoys

The Big Problem: The Ross Ice Shelf is a critical piece of the climate puzzle. A floating piece of ice the size of France, it buffers West Antarctica from rapid change. The loss of this ice sheet could cause global sea level to rise, and yet due to its location, and the extreme difficulty and expense of collecting data in the Ross Sea, we know relatively little about how our planet’s warming ocean is interacting with this important puzzle piece.

How We Can Help: Lamont’s world-class Polar scientists routinely travel to Antarctica to collect data during extended field campaigns. To expand this data set and enhance our understanding of the ocean’s interaction with the Ross Ice Shelf, the team would like to deploy ALAMO (Air-Launched Autonomous Micro Observer) buoys at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf.  This will be the first-ever deployment of ALAMO technology in the Ross Sea and will enable the collection temperature and salinity data. With the over 200 water profiles telemetrically sent back to team for analysis, our scientists will immediately begin to assemble a picture of how a warming ocean interacts with the ice shelf and potential impacts for sea-level rise in a warming climate. 

What Your Support Will Do: The team has targeted five drop locations for an initial deployment campaign. A private foundation has provided seed funding to the ALAMO team, but your help is needed to complete the buoy fleet and meet our 5-buoy goal! Your support will expand our network of data points and further our understanding of ocean fluxes in and around the Ross Ice Shelf. Please donate and join the ALAMO team today.

Share Our Mission: If you share our interest in Antarctica and being at the forefront of Earth science data collection, please donate now and share the ALAMO project.

To lean more about the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, our research and scientists, visit our website.

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Robin Bell

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