The Earth Cannot Be Silenced

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The Earth Cannot Be Silenced

Our planet needs our help. Our data tells the story. Our research helps protect the future.

Our planet has just experienced the warmest year on record a trend scientists say stems from the burning of fossil fuels. The resulting emissions of “greenhouse gases” such as carbon dioxide and methane are the primary source of global warming.  Climate change impacts also means more frequent and more intense storms and heat waves, flooding from rising sea levels, drought, and wildfires, putting lives at risk and jeopardizing our way of life.  To effectively solve the most pressing issue of our time, the transition to renewable energy must be combined with large scale removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Columbia’s world-leading climate scientists, with their strongest base in the Earth Institute and its Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, are urgently working to understand and better predict climate change variability and its impacts.  Columbia researchers are currently creating the next generation of technologies to capture and store, and to reuse, carbon and are developing innovative energy applications designed to repower the planet. 

Columbia is devoted to applying our understanding to real world solutions -- working with communities to utilize climate information to adapt to climate change that is already occurring. 

We are designing infrastructure solutions, modeling the movements of urban populations, developing solutions to climate health issues, optimizing risk communication, and coordinating within various law and policy frameworks to address infrastructure planning and disaster planning.

We need your support now more than ever to continue this work so vital to the health of our planet.

Will you join us in, quite literally, saving the world? Please donate today! 


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