GS 200 Donor Challenge

Honor Dean Awn & his 200 pairs of socks
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GS 200 Donor Challenge

This Just In - 75% to goal

An anonymous donor has just raised the stakes for the 200 Donor Challenge. If the GS community can reach 200 donors by March 31, this donor will add an additional $25,000 to support GS scholarships. We're already 75% of the way towards our goal and are looking for just 50 more donors to show their support. Make a gift today to continue the GS story


This year, GS is observing two significant milestones: the 70th anniversary of the School’s founding, and the conclusion of Dean Peter J. Awn’s impactful 20-year tenure as dean. How can we thank Dean Awn for his twenty years of bold leadership, dedication to GS’s mission and its people, and tireless work to set a new standard of excellence for the GS experience? How should we celebrate his years of colorful socks and pun-riddled Thanksgiving messages?

We have hit upon a challenge that combines both impact and fun: the 200 Donor Challenge. That’s one donor for each pair of socks in the dean’s extensive and festive collection. Together, our gifts will add to GS’s momentum over the next 70 years by providing funds for financial aid, student life, career placement and education, and opportunities for study abroad.

Let’s continue our 70th anniversary celebration and show Dean Awn how much he means to the entire GS community: help us reach our goal of 200 GS Annual Fund donors by March 31!

Show your love for GS by sharing the newly-released GS emojis in the C-moji app using the hashtag #gschallenge #200gs #adoringawn. 

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