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Light a Candle for Cari Campaign

June 19, 2017

As the first anniversary of Cari's passing approaches, we are pleased to announce the Light a Candle for Cari Campaign. We hope to honor her spirit with a positive and hopeful gesture—one that makes each of your donations a celebration of her life and legacy.

The goal of this campaign is to see how many candles we can light between the anniversary of her accident and her 45th birthday in February 2018. Each candle is $45. Donors can choose to light one or many; lighting many candles will create a fireworks display in honor of Cari’s life. Your thoughtful support will contribute to our goal of endowing the Cari Widmyer ’06 Memorial Scholarship at Columbia Business School.

Please consider lighting a candle each time you remember Cari—on her anniversary; at Christmas; on her birthday; or even on yours. You can also light a candle to honor her each time you think of her or when you do something that you would have done together.

Cari always chose the road less traveled. She illustrated her passion for adventure during the final year of her life, always choosing the unique path. Keeping candles burning for her spirit will encourage people beginning their professional lives to live as strongly as Cari did. In our hearts, we know the Cari Widmyer ’06 Memorial Scholarship is the best way to memorialize Cari. Thank you for anything you can do to help.


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