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Make an Education Possible

You can’t find a solution if you don’t understand the problem.

That simple concept is at the foundation of Columbia University’s global influence. Because our students come from every walk of life—from communities that have been affected by poverty or lack of quality healthcare, from countries that have felt the impact of climate change or civil war—they have the drive and the perspective to tackle those issues and make a real difference.

By contributing to a scholarship fund at Columbia, you offer these students the financial aid they need to gain the skills and knowledge to change the world. You’re helping students who are already harnessing their Columbia educations to build healthier Native American communities, create a mobile app to combat high maternal and infant mortality rates, lead college preparatory workshops for low-income high school students, or develop infrastructure that brings clean water to developing nations.

When you give in support of scholarships, you amplify Columbia’s ability to enroll the most intellectually curious and socially conscious students, regardless of their financial resources, and prepare them to become leaders in their field.

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