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New Article from Desmond Patton

November 29, 2017

Your support continues to help advance Prof. Desmond Patton's groundbreaking work.

His latest article, published in the Social Media and Society journal and called, "Stop and Frisk Online,” presents a framework for understanding how targeted social media policing negatively affects communities of color. Read more about the article here.

Many thanks on his behalf.

How exactly do your contributions help Intervene in Gang Violence?

August 30, 2017

Thanks to your generous support, we are halfway to our goal of raising $5,000 to Intervene in Gang Violence! Your contributions make all the difference, but do you know how exactly they help? With $5,000, Professor Patton will be able to:

  • Hire a research assistant to qualitatively code and analyze social media content
  • Purchase data from social media companies (e.g. Twitter) for data analysis

Having more data and more help analyzing this data will help expand the reach and scope of Professor Patton's project. And that means developing more sophisticated diagnostic tools that will prevent violence and save lives. Thank you for supporting this mission. Please continue to spread the word—on social media and other channels— about this timely project. Contributions are accepted through September 4th.

They Are Children: CSSW Prof. Desmond Patton at TEDx

August 01, 2017

Professor Desmond Patton recently gave a TEDx talk on his work to prevent gang violence in Chicago and other cities by analyzing gang members' posts on social media. Watch his talk, titled "They are Children: How Posts on Social Media Lead to Gang Violence," by clicking on the video below.

Thank you to all who have already donated to support Prof. Patton's work. Please feel free share this video to spread the word about his innovative research and intervention project.

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