Cure Depression Without Medication

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Cure Depression Without Medication

Researchers in Columbia’s Department of Psychiatry, in conjunction with The Depression Evaluation Service (DES) at New York State Psychiatric Institute, are working on an innovative and drug-free treatment for depression that is faster-acting than antidepressant medication.  

While antidepressants have proven effective in treating depression, they can take four to eight weeks to begin alleviating symptoms. By using sleep deprivation, morning light therapy, and planned sleep scheduling to recalibrate subjects’ Circadian rhythms, our scientists have been able to produce antidepressant effects within a week. With your gift of $50 or more we will provide you with a copy of A Guide to Wake Therapy, the manual we have written to describe the details of the process and how it works.  

Wake therapy has incredible clinical potential if its efficacy can be established.   We are making good progress, having enrolled 30 of the 60 subjects we will need to complete the study, so we are about half way there!

Your generosity will support the purchase of equipment and supplies to gather and evaluate the results, giving our scientists the resources they need to accommodate a large pool of research subjects.  Because of its nature, wake therapy cannot be patented and thus is of little interest to corporate sponsors, making your partnership especially crucial.  

Join our doctors and scientists as we work to find safer, faster, and more effective treatment for depression. Donate today! 


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