Keep Noncommercial Radio Alive

Keep Noncommercial Radio Alive

As analog formats and traditional long-form radio programs are dying out, Columbia’s own radio station, WKCR, stands as a vanguard for preserving, playing, and appreciating quality content

Originally founded as a club for radio equipment experimentation, WKCR (short for King’s Crown Radio) evolved into a sophisticated music, news, and sports broadcasting station. After a short settling period, WKCR quickly garnered praise for award-winning press coverage of the 1968 campus protests and its interviews with artists as famous and esteemed as Dizzy Gillespie, Del McCoury, and John Ashbery. From this rich diversity of interests, a wonderfully varied roster of programs cropped with programs in (but not limited to) Jazz, Classical, American, New, and World Music.

Today, WKCR continues this storied legacy. Legendary musicians like experimental guitarist Marc Ribot and Jazz bassist Reggie Workman come to the studio on a weekly basis. Student programmers continue to work carefully and dutifully to put out great shows every week. We are also one of the only stations to still utilize LPs, tapes, and CDs in our programs, and we are exclusively non-commercial. Years and years of dedicated programmers and staff have made this tradition of high quality part of WKCR’s backbone.

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